Sermons and other material available by e-mail

Due to the Covid-19 situation our in-person worship service have been  suspended.   During this period we are  sending  out a “Note to Congregation” each week, by e-mail, which includes   the sermon, prayers, readings, and music of the week,  a link to an accompanying video, and other information of interest to our  Congregation. If … read more

Recent News

Worship in the Covid-19 Epidemic

Our in-person Worship services have been suspended since March 22, 2020 due to the Covid-19 Epidemic. Since that time Rev. Brian McIntosh has been preparing weekly written worship service material. Beginning on   Thanksgiving  Sunday, October 12, 2020,  we have also been posting video material on Vimeo to accompany the written material. Currently,our  videos include … read more

Nov-Dec 2020 Bloorbeat Now Posted

The Nov-Dec 2020 Issue of our Bloorbeat  newsletter is now posted on  the Bloorbeat sub-page of the “Communications” page

Shared Ecumenical Service for August 2nd

Bloordale UC friends – Please find below the link to an MP4 file for a 43 minute shared ecumenical Worship Service for August 2nd, tomorrow, put together by our Etobicoke West-Central Ministerial.  The pastors of six churches have put together this jointly shared Service, and we hope you are blessed by God in viewing it … read more

An Information Update from our Minister

Bloordale UC members and friends – Having returned to work at Bloordale from a brief two-week “staycation” earlier this week, I write to share our weekly information note and give you an update on a few things.  I certainly hope that you are all feeling well or at least recovering well if you’ve been ill … read more

First Congregational Zoom Meeting

Rev. Brian  McIntosh issued the following communication, by E-mail, about our First Congregational Zoom Meeting that was held on Wednesday June  10. Our Sunday worship services are currently in written form and  are sent out by e-mail (usually on Friday) to people for whom we have an e-mail address. If you have not been receiving … read more

Worship Service for March 22, 2020

As we’ve implemented a closure policy at Bloordale during this COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore will not be meeting on Sundays, we want to continue to support your spiritual life by sharing a worship resource each week intended for your personal use.  Please find attached the Worship Service for this Sunday, and share any feedback you … read more


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