A Scattered Spirit (excerpt)

Pentecost Sunday, May 15th 2016. Genesis 11:1-9; Acts 2: 1-13 Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, with over 140 languages and dialects spoken, a rich variety of ethnic food choices and restaurants available every day of the week, and the largest population of some nationalities, beyond their home  countries, in … read more

Recent News

Property Options Presentation Now Available for Viewing

The Powerpoint Slides presented at Bloordale’s  2018 semi-annual meeting by the Property Options Subgroup have now been posted on the new “Revitalization Task Group” page of this website. The new page appears on the website as a sub-page of the top-level  “About Us” page  

A “Revitalization Task Group” Page has been added

A new page entitled “Revitalization Task Group” has been added under the “About Us” page of this website. This new page describes some of the background and current activities of Bloordale’s  Revitalization Task Group, which was formed in June 2017 to look at and develop options for our future growth and success. The new  page includes … read more

A Blog by Linda Pennock

Bloordale member Linda Pennock has recently  started a Blog called “The Sunday Scoop”, where she offers an introductory guide to the beliefs and practises of the Christian faith. It is aimed primarily  at people who may or may not have a familial connection to Christianity,  are not involved at regular services, but have an interest … read more




Pat Conway-Willis

Chair of Council

Paul Wisniewski

Music Director

Rev. Nelsona Dundas

Pastoral Minister