Recent Sermons

Jesus Versus the Church?

March 30,   Jesus Versus Church?    Based on John 9: 1-41 Those who analyze cultural trends have known for a long time that, with some differences between us, both Canadians and Americans seem to like religion a lot more than they like church. … Part of the reason why people are so quick to claim religious … read more

Made Witness by the Word

March 23,  Made Witnesses By the Word. Based on John 4: 5-29 One doesn’t have to search very far in our culture to realize that we live in an age that doesn’t trust words very much. We use words by the bushel, we do daily “word processing,” we pile words on top of one another … read more

Reborn for Life

March 16, Reborn for Life Based on John 3: 1-17 “We are not alone, we live in God’s world,” says the first line of the United Church’s Affirmation of Faith produced first in 1968, altered a few times since and now repeated in liturgies around the world. This is the central of all religious affirmations, … read more

Recent News

Youth Leader Job Opportunity!

We are looking for a person with interest and commensurate skills to work with youth in Grades 7-12 beginning in Late May and/or early September. As part of our staff team,  the Youth Leader will be responsible for Sunday morning programming, and for other events at least twice a month. The Job Description is available upon … read more

in Memoriam – Reverend Bob Trimble

Condolences to Jackie Trimble and family re Bob’s Death on Saturday March 29th. The funeral was held at Islington United Church on Saturday April 5th. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Jackie, their children, and grandchildren, and the extended family and Bob’s many friends. Bob served for many years as the minister of … read more