Rev. Brian  McIntosh issued the following communication, by E-mail, about our First Congregational Zoom Meeting that was held on Wednesday June  10.

Our Sunday worship services are currently in written form and  are sent out by e-mail (usually on Friday) to people for whom we have an e-mail address. If you have not been receiving this worship service material  and would like to receive it, please contact the church office by telephone and let Halyna know what your email address is.


Bloordale UC members and friends –

Well, we did it!  We had our first open congregational connecting zoom call on Wednesday, and 24 people joined us, delighted to see one another!  We’ll plan another one, in the last week of June, and hope that even more are able to join in!
There’s nothing particularly important to highlight beyond that this week, though there are a number of announcements at the end of the service bulletin, below and attached.  We did receive some feedback about the prospect of our safe return to worship from participants on Wednesday’s zoom call, and it appears as if it’s unlikely, due to many reasons, that we’ll be opening up prior to the Sunday after Labour Day at the earliest.  We will re-evaluate this in mid-July, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Nonetheless, we’ll continue to ensure your pastoral and worship needs are covered, and urge you to look at the announcements for more information.
There have been many statements from various sources about the global uprising for the end of racism, an uprising which the United Church in general and we in particular support, including one Statement by Shining Waters Region, attached, early this past week.  Foster conversations about race among your family and friends, for we are living in an opportune historic moment when racial justice seems more possible than ever in the foreseeable future, and we urge you to be a part of the solution in overcoming racism in whatever way you can.
Blessings for this coming week, as we enjoy the better weather and the promise of summer!  Next Sunday is Indigenous Sunday, and we look forward to marking that special day with appropriate liturgy and, I hope, a fitting word.