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Julia CA Crop2

Julia Stavreff

Acting Chair of Council
Chair of Communications
Chair of Social and Fundraising

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Julia is the Chair of our Communications Committee, Chair of our Social and Fundraising Committee, and acting Chair of  Bloordale United Church  Council.  She has also served as Chair of the Bloordale United Church Council for several  years in the recent past.

As Communications Chair she oversees our communications through various media with our members and the wider community around us.

She is also an active participant in our   Finance Committee, and in our  Children’s Craft Night program,  and chairs  our Bloordale Revitalization Task Group  which is  looking at various aspects of the future directions for  Bloordale United Church.

Her most  important  unofficial activity here at Bloordale    is to help make newcomers, as well as our long term church members, feel welcome and appreciated. In addition   to her  many volunteer activities at Bloordale,  Julia also  has a full time job as a Chartered  Accountant, and is the owner-manager of a   busy six-person accounting firm.