Who We Are
We are an inclusive Christian congregation who value worship, music and fellowship. We have a strong desire to grow and are committed to expressing our spiritual connection through sharing with and caring for each other, the community around us, and the wider world.

After worship, during visitation, at special events, or during a host of informal gatherings, our ministry of hospitality and fellowship finds joy, laughter and love being shared with those we meet

There are a number of committees and subgroups responsible for the various ministries of the church. The leadership of the church, the Council meets regularly to pray, learn, report, deliberate and oversee our mission. We belong to a larger fellowship of United Churches in Southwest Presbytery, and work cooperatively with other Christians and people of other faiths in our area.

We are part of the United Church of Canada, and are proud to share its heritage.

We are pleased to welcome new members and visitors from other religious backgrounds, including people who are interested in finding a church home for themselves for the first time.