Bloordale United Church is  centered in meaningful and engaging exploration of faith, and a key part of our vision  is to support  spiritual growth. These goals are central to all of  our programs at Bloordale but especially to our Christian Development Programs which consist of our  Adult Seminars / Discussion Groups, our  Children’s Program  and our Youth Group Program.

Adult Seminars / Discussion Groups
Whether on the changing church, the four Gospels, inter-faith relations or how we understand the life and significance of Jesus today, occasional short-term seminars and discussion groups led by the minister, provide an opportunity to learn more about God’s way in the world.

Children’s Program
Children are introduced to and nurtured by the love of God and the great stories of the Bible, in worship and then in their classes. Infant and toddler care and at-home faith formation aids are also available.  Our “faith and fun”  lessons are offered every Sunday except on Family Sundays when the children stay with us and take part in a special service which caters to both children and adults. On regular Sundays, children, youth, and toddlers, begin in the sanctuary with the adults for the first 15 minutes of the worship service, but proceed  downstairs to Church School  after the  “Children’s  Time” , which is led by the Children’s Program Minister, and delights young and old alike.

 Toddler Care
We know how stressful your life with young children can be. Refresh your spirit during our church service and let your toddler experience our toddler facility which is led by a fully qualified Early Childhood Education specialist . New toys, lively music, and family caregivers are ready to meet your family’s needs.