There are several different ways you can make donations to Bloordale United Church.

Donations may be made:

  • in-person at our Worship Services, (currently suspended due to the Covid-9 pandemic)
  • by cheque sent to our Mailing Address, or
  • by e-transfers sent to our church office,
  • If you prefer to donate  online you may do so using your Credit Card or Paypal account  through the SSL-secured website of

If you use your Bloordale United Church donation envelope, or send  us your BUC  envelope number,  we will add the donation to your BUC donation  record, and send you a charitable donation receipt at the end of the year.  If you do not have  BUC envelopes , but wish to obtain them, please contact the church office.

If you don’t have an envelop number you may  send us a donation  cheque  by mail,  or send us an  e-transfer by email. In these case   we will  provide a charitable donation receipt on request  provided that  you give us your name and address.

For donations made to us electronically  through, they   will immediately issue a donation receipt  by email