Donations to Bloordale United Church are greatly appreciated. We are a registered charitable organization, and as such we issue charitable donation receipts for income tax purposes.

Donations to Bloordale United Church may be made at our church services or , during  the shared services in the summer months at our Sister Churches St James United Church and Richview United Church.  This can be conveniently done using your personal Bloordale United Church donation envelope or guest envelope. If you are attending our worship services frequently we suggest using our personal  envelopes, which are available on request from the church office. Alternately, you may use a guest envelope, which can  be picked up near the guest book in the East Alcove of the Sanctuary, or just an ordinary mail envelope.

Donations can be placed in the collection plates during the worship service or can be mailed in to the church office.

With the personal envelopes, the donor is identified by his/her unique donor number, and  a receipt is issued early in the calendar year for the total givings in the previous year.

With a guest envelope or an ordinary mail envelope, please be sure to write down your name and address on the envelope  if you want a donation receipt.