Due to the Covid-19 situation our in-person worship service have been  suspended.   During this period we are  sending  out a “Note to Congregation” each week, by e-mail, which includes   the sermon, prayers, readings, and music of the week,  a link to an accompanying video, and other information of interest to our  Congregation.

Currently, our  videos include the sermon,  and the music of the service sung by Rev. McIntosh with Music Director Paul Wisniewski on piano and organ. From time to time we also have guest singers and musicians from the congregation, and special video clips such as Candle Lighting  and Candle Extinguishing.

The videos can be accessed using a private  Vimeo link that is sent out each week  by e-mail  from the church office, along with the written material for that week. They are “private” in the sense that they are not available by internet browser  search.  You need to  have the private link in order to view them. You may forward the private link to  you friends if you wish.

If you would like to receive  these e-mails, please contact the church office at 416-621 -1710.