Music is very important to Bloordale, and plays a pivotal part in the life of our congregation. Music has always been special for us , but under the leadership of Music Director Mervin W. Fick, who joined us in 2008, our Choir reached a new level of excellence.

Mervin left in 2018, but we were fortunate to find another very talented pianist, organist, and choir leader, Paul Wisniewski, to take his place. The excellence of music at Bloordale continues today under Pauls’ leadership.

Our choir members have boundless enthusiasm, take their music seriously, and have a great time doing it! New members who like singing are always welcome, and will enjoy the camaraderie of the choir and the leadership of our Music Director.

Our Choir practices Thursdays at 7:30 pm in Room 24/25, and gives vital leadership in worship, with weekly offerings of anthems and other music, support for congregational singing, and special seasonal music presentations for Christmas and Easter.

A sample of our choir’s music can be heard by clicking the play button on the music bar below. This piece, entitled “For the Music of Creation” was commissioned in May 2013, by one of our church choir members, Sharron Le Blanc, for her friend Mervin Fick, to celebrate Mervin’s 50th birthday. The music isĀ  by Eleanor Daley, words by Shirley Erena Murray. It was recorded in 2018, by the Bloordale United Church Choir, singing under Mervin’s direction.