Bloordale United Church Website Privacy Policy
We respect the privacy of our website users, our church members and our church staff, and have the following policy to safeguard it:

To facilitate church business, the names of past or present church employees, their photograph, thier position in the church and their current “” e-mail address and Bloordale United Church telephone number may be published on the website, unless a verbal or written request has been received to the contrary. However, publication of other personal information about church employees is restricted as indicated below in the same way as it is for members of the congregation.

In articles about church events that are published on the church website, church employees and members of the congregation will be referred to only by first name and first letter of surname unless verbal permission has been obtained from the individual(s) to publish their full name. Photographs of members of the congregation or other personal information about them, such as home adresses and tlephone numbers will be posted only with the permission of the individuals in question, or the permission of their parents in the case of children.
In order to facilitate communications with them, church committees are encouraged to designate one or or contact people with internet access, who have agreed that thier name may be published on the website, along with a “” e-mail address which will be assigned by the webmaster. A home telephone number for such persons may also be published, with their permission, e.g. as a contact number for obtaining event tickets or event information. Publication on the website of personal e-mail addresses is best avoided, for SPAM mitigation reasons and is done only at the written request of the person in question.

Any other personal information, of staff or members of the congregation will not be published on the website except in special cases, and then only with the permission of the individuals in question.